We aim to give young people a platform where their voice matters. Public speaking promotes confidence, critical thinking and cultural understanding.


4Voices is a pioneering collaboration between the public speaking consultancy Educate to Communicate and the leading online parental resource MumAbroad. Our goal is to provide students, undergraduates and young workers and entrepreneurs with the skills to confidently use their voices with the right audience, on the right channel, at the right time.

Our professional team of award-winning public speakers offers bi-annual competitions, trainings and workshops, both in-person and online, to help youngsters further improve their creativity, develop the ability to communicate their ideas, hone their presentation skills and develop positive values and attitudes in order to stand out in different situations.

We hope to create young changemakers, one voice at a time.

Gabriella Opaz, 4Voices

Public Speaking

In a world where youngsters are often silenced or ignored, it can be extremely difficult to know how to use their voices effectively. At 4Voices, we believe in affirming youngsters’ sense of personal value. A place where anyone can say with confidence, “I have something of value to say, I am worth being listened to, I am worth being known, and I intend to be heard”.


2023 saw the second public speaking competition from 4Voices with the theme ‘Cultivating Courage’.

Targeting English-speaking teenagers in 4ESO/1BXT, the competition showcased a diversity of youth who are keen to develop their communication skills, share innovative ideas and transform minds and hearts as a consequence.


4Voices is comprised of a highly experienced team of public speakers, educators and marketing specialists who are all dedicated to giving a platform to youngsters in order for them to be heard. Their workshops have been proven to help youth build confidence, develop social skills and raise their reading and writing levels to become tomorrow’s potential changemakers.

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