2023 saw the second public speaking competition from 4Voices, a pioneering collaboration between Educate to Communicate and MumAbroad, with the theme ‘Cultivating Courage’, which took place on 26 March 2023 at CaixaForum in Barcelona.

4Voices couldn’t be prouder of our 13 finalists and while we firmly believe that all of them were winners the competition does award prizes so congratulations to:

Audrey Nagel (The British School of Barcelona)
Risk: the only path to success

Jerome Ow Hidalgo (St Peter’s School)
Find the courage, mankind’s greatest tool towards self improvement

Lucas Juez Zúñiga (Cambridge School)
The king and the pawn are carved from the same tree

Speaking in public is one of the most important acts of courage there is. Standing alone, vulnerable and exposed but driven to be there by a passion to share your opinion, raise your voice and be an instrument of change in yourself and others! Public speaking is fun, it is life changing and it is an act of courage available to everyone. At 4Voices we are proud to provide the opportunity for these inspiring young people to change the world!

Cormac Walsh, 4Voices