2023 Competition


2023 will see the second public speaking competition from 4Voices, a pioneering collaboration between Educate to Communicate and MumAbroad, with the theme ‘Cultivating Courage’.

Targeting English-speaking teenagers in 4th ESO and 1st Bachillerato, the competition showcases a diversity of youth who are keen to develop their communication skills, share innovative ideas and transform minds and hearts as a consequence.

Applicants must be in 4ESO/1BXT during the academic year of the competition (2022-23).

‘Cultivating Courage’
Courage is a word that is often reserved for soldiers, police officers or firefighters. Yet, nearly every day, in both our personal and professional lives we all have the opportunity to face our fears and do something courageous. Right now, people are bravely fighting for change, but depending on your values, their fight may or may not be seen as courageous. What may be courageous for them, may be cowardly to you. What defines courage and how can we cultivate it more deeply in our lives?

Applicants must submit a 60 to 90-second video in English explaining the main idea they would like to discuss in their speech, which should be connected to the competition theme. Only one video will be accepted per student and videos must respect the time limit. Students will be selected on the strength, originality and creativity of their idea, rather than public speaking skills. The closing date for entries is 16 December 2022 (6pm).

Applicants should send their video via the contact page as an MP4 (maximum size 100MB and labelled as name_year_school). The video must include an introduction stating the student’s name, year and school.

The selection committee is composed of the event organisers and those appointed by them. 12 finalists will be chosen by the selection committee, announced on 16 January 2023.

The 4Voices team will provide comprehensive training on public speaking. Prior to competition day, the finalists will be taught as a group how to transform their idea into a complete 5-minute speech and will be trained in all aspects of public speaking: content creation, attention grabbing openings, transitions, logical flow, strong endings, vocal variety, body language, eye contact, audience connection. Closer to the event the finalists will have one-to-one training with one of our professional coaches. All costs of the training and competition day will be covered by 4Voices.

25 March 2023 (10am-12pm)
CaixaForum, Barcelona
On the day of the competition, each finalist will be given 5 minutes to speak without props or PowerPoint. Timers will indicate how much time they have used and finalists will be disqualified after 5 minutes 30 seconds. Speeches will be judged by a jury of experts, independent from the organisers of the event and those involved in the training programme. The judging criteria will be explained clearly and transparently in advance. Records will be kept but the jury decision is final.

The event will be both filmed and livestreamed and applicants must agree to their image being used as a prerequisite to compete. All recordings will be made available to all applicants but belong to the event.

The event is owned and organised in its entirety by 4Voices and is independent from any of the participating schools. Families, teachers and fellow students will be invited to attend the event.

Speaking in public is one of the most important acts of courage there is. Standing alone, vulnerable and exposed but driven to be there by a passion to share your opinion, raise your voice and be an instrument of change in yourself and others! Public speaking is fun, it is life changing and it is an act of courage available to everyone. At 4Voices we are proud to provide the opportunity for these inspiring young people to change the world!

Cormac Walsh, 4Voices