Location: Hamelin-Laie International School
1 week
4-8 July or 11-15 July (9h-13h every day)
Age: 3rd ESO to 2nd Bachillerato
€250 per week

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Are you uncomfortable (if not terrified) of speaking in front of others?! Whether you’re speaking to a large group of classmates or a panel of teachers or presenting yourself for an interview it’s vital to have strong communication skills to help you connect to others, improve your self-esteem, demonstrate your knowledge and give you the power to persuade your audience.


Over the course of the week, you’ll learn how to create dynamic, engaging and entertaining speeches that will keep your audience captivated. Along the way, you’ll learn clever tricks that let you calm your anxiety physically, emotionally and mentally so you are sharp, alert and grounded with your audience.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to connect to your passions
  • Ways in which to read and connect to your audience
  • Solid methods to structure your speech
  • Methods of delivering a clear, concise and engaging speech
  • How to use your speech to support your future goals


We don’t believe in lectures! We want you to actively participate, present and offer feedback to your classmates every step of the way. Through small and large group activities, individual presentations, dynamic games to support verbal and nonverbal communication and positive feedback methods, we’ll help you create and deliver a speech that you’re proud of. What you learn on this course will be useful for you personally and professionally both in the present and the future.


The course will be offered at Hamelin-Laie International School where we’ll use the campus to its fullest. Using both their internal and external spaces, we’ll ensure that your time with us is both exciting and a wonderful use of your time this summer.


A pad of paper, a pen and you! Your evening assignments may include a quick type and printing of your current speech progress. Otherwise, your presence and desire to have fun and learn heaps along the way is all we request!