You cannot ever underestimate the power and energy that well informed and motivated youngsters can bring to the conversation. That is exactly what we found in our latest 4Voices podcast with 4Voices co-founders Carrie Frais and Cormac Walsh alongside Josh Gabel, the co-founder of Qustodio. They chatted to the winner of the 2023 4Voices competition Audrey Nagel from The British School of Barcelona and Lauren Weedle, also a 4Voices finalist and a graduate of Barcelona High School, about the numerous benefits of public speaking as well as the growing importance of digital wellness.


In other podcasts, the 2022 winner Nanthan Nan and the 2023 winner Audrey Nagel were interviewed by Carrie on the podcast ‘The Soundtrack to My Life’, where they got to chat about their upbringing, education and teenage years via their most resonant musical memories.


Carrie also interviewed her 4Voices co-founder and TEDx speaker Cormac Walsh about his personal public speaking journey and the benefits that self-advocacy has in almost every walk of life.

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